3 Steps To Take Before You Can Serve Effectively

Christian faith is… basically about love and being loved and reconciliation. These things are so important, they’re foundational and they can transform individuals, families.
Philip Yancey


In order to serve effectively, we must first seek out reconciliation.

A mission mindset cannot be fully realized without our initial conviction and action toward reconciliation.

Our service for God and for others is misaligned if we have unresolved conviction in our path.

Before stepping into the mission field, we must look inside ourselves.  We must have a desire for a clean heart.

“Create in me a clean heart, oh God.”  This is the prayer of my heart.  (Psalm 51)  I want to serve effectively.

In Matthew 5:21-26, Jesus teaches us to pursue reconciliation.  He provides three basic steps we must take before we can serve effectively.

3 Steps To Take Before You Can Serve Effectively

  1. Stop.  Leave your gift at the altar.  Before we can serve effectively.  We must stop in our tracks.
  2. Go.  Pursue the relationship that requires reconciliation.  It takes action on your part before you can serve effectively.
  3. Reconcile.  This most likely requires humility on your part, but this is an important aspect of preparing you to serve effectively.

When you take these three steps, you will be ready to move ahead in developing a mission mindset.

In what area of your life do you need reconciliation?  What step do you need to take next in order to be reconciled?