You are a missionary!


You are a missionary!

Did you know this?  Is this what you signed up for?

When you decide to follow Christ, you are choosing to become a missionary.

Maybe you are called to be a missionary in a strange land far from your home.  The more I go to Guatemala, the more I want to go back and serve the people there.  More than likely though, you are called to be a missionary right where you live.

Accepting this fact, it becomes critical for you to develop a mission mindset.

Looking at Christ’s life, we see He clearly had a mission mindset.  His goal – His mindset – was to do the will of His Father.  This too should be your aim.  He loved people.  He taught people.  And He sacrificed Himself for people.  This is the heart and the actions of a missionary.

You are a missionary!

This will require sacrifice.  It will require a shift in your thinking – a shift from your selfish ideas and pursuits to an ever-building longing to do God’s will.

Are you ready?

How do you feel about being a missionary?  What scares you about being a missionary?  What excites you about being a missionary?