Top 10 Best Things About Being A Seeing Eye Puppy

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Tomorrow, Irwin leaves our home to begin the next stage of his journey towards becoming a Seeing Eye Guide Dog.  He came to us right before last Christmas when he was seven weeks old, and we’ve had him for over a year.  It has been our job to help him through his early growing up time.  While our whole family will be sad to see him go, we’re also excited for the future that lies ahead for Irwin and his visually impaired companion.

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Before he left, I sat down and talked to Irwin about his favorite things about being a Seeing Eye Puppy.  Together, we came up with this top 10 list of best things about being a Seeing Eye Puppy.

10.  I get to sleep upstairs in Hannah’s room.  She’s so nice, and it’s been comforting sleeping next to her.

9.  I get to go on lots of walks.  I’ve walked through the town of Schwenksville.  I’ve walked through malls.  I’ve walked through the local Target.  I’ve walked on the Perkiomen Trail.  I love the exercise and the chance to experience new places.

8.  I get to go to monthly Puppy Club meetings.  It’s great to hang out with other puppies and training.  At first it was hard to behave during the meetings, but I have actually learned to sit quietly and enjoy the meetings.  Tonight will be my last Puppy Club meeting.

7.  I get to go to special places where other dogs aren’t permitted.  One of my favorite places to visit was the movie theater.  It’s a little noisy and dark, but the smells and flavors on the floor are unbelievable.

6.  I get to play.  People think that training to be a guide dog is a tough job.  I guess it is, but I still get to play fetch and run around.

5.  I get to play with Iso.  Iso is the dog that lives here permanently.  He’s a little slow, and he didn’t seem to like me at the beginning, but I can tell he’s warming up to me.  In fact, I bet he’ll miss me when I’m gone.

4.  I get to look important.  When I proved that I was ready for it, I received a special green vest.  This green vest tells others that I’m in training for an important job.  When I wear the vest, I feel like I’m on a mission.

3.  I get to hang out with a great family.  It has been so special getting to know Hannah, Isaac, Leanne, and Jon.  They’ve treated me really well.  They will be great puppy raisers for the next puppy who will be arriving soon.

2.  Everybody wants to pet me.  I get it.  I’m cute and all.  And I like it.  It’s so nice to get all this attention.

1.  I get to help someone.  The Stolpe family has done a great job telling me that I will be a great Seeing Eye Guide Dog.  I’m excited to learn more when I head up to school tomorrow.

Seriously, we’ll miss Irwin so much, but it’s been a great adventure for our family.  People often comment that it must be so hard to raise a puppy and give it up.  Yes, it is difficult.  But it’s also great knowing that Irwin will literally change someone’s life.

Do you have any pets at home?  What’s your favorite thing about your pet?  If they could speak, what do you think they would say?