The Longest Trip Home (John Grogan)

Today, I finished reading John Grogan’s second book, The Longest Trip Home.  This book made me laugh, it made me smile, it made me think, and it even made me cry.  More than anything, this book made me appreciate my family and it reminded me how important it is to share my love with my family – especially my parents.  As soon as I finished reading The Longest Trip Home, I called my parents to tell them how much I appreciate and love them.

Grogan does an unbelievable job weaving the story of how he took the long journey from his Catholic childhood through rebellious adolescence to independent adulthood where he eventually finds his way back home to thank and appreciate his parents.

I had originally given the book to my mom for her birthday or mother’s day this past May.  My parents have enjoyed reading books together especially as they become empty nesters.  They enjoyed Grogan’s first book, Marley & Me, so I figured they would also like his second book.  My mom was quick to open the book and find a page where Grogan used the “F-word” two or three times, and she was quick to ask if I had read anything about the book before I picked it out.  Despite her initial findings, she and my dad kept up and finished the book.  When they were done reading, they sent the book back to me, so I could see what I had given her.

I’m so thankful they sent it back to me.  It was so worth reading through the candid stories of Grogan’s adolescent rebellion to understand and appreciate his return home.  I was touched and definitely inspired.  Thanks John Grogan for sharing your story.

I love you Mom and Dad!