Ten Days And Counting – Guatemala Here We Come!

T-Minus Ten Days And Counting!

In ten days, our family will be taking off from Newark International Airport on our way to Guatemala where we will be serving widows and orphans in the village of Santo Domingo Xenacoj (pronounced Shen-a-coe).  Our goal this year is to build two houses for two widows and their families.  I feel fairly convinced that we will accomplish this; however, there will be many other things that happen on this short-term missions trip which will go beyond any of our planning.  If I’ve learned one thing going to Guatemala the past two summers, it’s that flexibility is required.  God shows up and does far more than we could ever imagine on trips like this.  I’m sure we will have a chance to impact people’s lives, and I’ve also quite certain that our lives will be impacted in new ways as we make this journey.

As we prepare to embark on this journey, here are ten ways for you to pray:

  1. Pray for safety as we travel.  It’s a five-hour flight to and from Guatemala City.  And it’s a 90 minute drive from the airport to and from Xenacoj.  I don’t anticipate any problems, but your prayers for safety would be appreciated.
  2. Pray for the ministry of GO! Ministries and for missionary David Sgro.  We will be playing a small part in their overall ministry to this area.  Pray GO! Ministries would be effective in ministering.  Pray David would be encouraged.  Pray for wisdom as GO! Ministries discerns its next steps for expanding its ministry.
  3. Pray for German and his family.  German is a local man who has become part of GO! Ministries.  He and his family are the hands and feet of GO! Ministries throughout the year.  They provide on the ground support for short-term missionaries like us, and they also provide year round support to the widows and orphans in the community.  German was recently baptized, and he is studying to become a pastor.  He has the heart of a true servant, and I’m certain he would appreciate prayers for encouragement.
  4. Pray for our health.  Anytime you travel to a foreign country there is risk of sickness.  We will be living in a place where the water has different bacteria than our bodies our accustomed to.  This means we have to be extra careful with what we eat and drink if we want to avoid illness.  Last year, we each dealt with fairly mild sickness.  It would be nice to avoid this on our trip this summer.
  5. Pray for good weather while we are working.  We are heading to Guatemala during the rainy season.  We’ve been able to avoid poor weather the past two years, and we are asking for weather mercies again this year.  Good weather will help our construction efforts to go more smoothly.
  6. Pray for the family of house number one.  We don’t know all the particulars yet, but we know that this home will house a widow and two of her family members.  We pray this new home will be a springboard of hope for this small family.
  7. Pray for the family of house number two.  Again we don’t know the particulars, but we know that his home will house a widow and five of her family members.  We pray this new home will be a launchpad for this family.  We pray our efforts will point this family towards Christ and His love.
  8. Pray for the neighbors of both of these women.  They will see strange people (white and tall) helping their neighbors.  We will have an opportunity to be a lighthouse to those who live near the widows.
  9. Pray for our fellow team members.  There is a small team of two heading down to Guatemala a few days ahead of us.  They will get started on the first house.  Pray for unity and harmony as we work together and as we meet these new friends.
  10. Pray for Xenacoj.  Xenacoj is a beautiful village.  And there are many positive things happening in the village, but there is still more work to do.  Pray for the widows of the village.  There are roughly 75 widows in the village.  These are women who have lost their husbands for one reason or another.  Culturally, they are at the bottom of the barrel.  They get little help and little respect.  Thanks to GO! Ministries this is beginning to change.  Pray for the orphans of the village.  There are many kids who have been left fatherless.  Without a father, they lack guidance and provision.  They need physical and spiritual nourishment.  And pray for the leaders of the community.  They have a major influence in the village.  Pray for wisdom as they lead.  And pray that they would have open hearts to the gospel.

As we head to Guatemala, we would greatly appreciate your prayers.  With ten days to go, pick one of these things each day, and pray.  In this way, you will go with us as we serve in Xenacoj.

Will you pray?  How can we pray for you?