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      Teach Us To Number Our Days


      Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Psalm 90:12

      Last week, I received news that two connections are facing the end of their time here on the earth.  A college classmate was told the chemo was no longer working in her 14 year bout with cancer, and she is heading towards hospice.  Another connection was told their infant daughter has an incurable illness that will lead to death within two years.  On top of this news, my parents lost a good friend in Dallas, TX who was instrumental in helping my parents and my little brother feel welcome when they moved to the area several years ago.

      These pieces of news left me a little down heading into the weekend.

      Life can be tough, and it’s hard to see people suffering.

      As I was participating in worship at our church’s high school youth group, the band began to lead us in Bebo Norman’s song, Nothing Without You.  I’ve always liked this song, but it hit me a little differently this time when the band began to sing the final verse:

      Take my time here on this earth
      And let it glorify all that You are worth
      For I am nothing
      I am nothing without You

      We don’t know how long we have here.  We may live to 100, or we may not see our next birthday.  Either way, we have a limited time left to live here on Earth.

      What will we do with our days?

      Will we waste them?  Or will we use them to the fullest?

      I want to glorify God with my days.

      How about you?

      These words lifted me up out of my melancholy.  They reminded me of the hope I have, and they reminded me to make the most of my days.  Sometimes we need a few words of encouragement.  And sometimes these words come from simple songs like this one.

      When was the last time you heard a song at just the right time?  What was the song, and how did it lift you up?