Short-Term Missions Survey Results – Part 1

A few weeks ago, I posted a survey on the subject of short-term missions.  The results have been interesting.

Today, I want to begin analyzing the information right here on the blog.

If you haven’t filled out the survey, it’s not too late.  Click here to add your feedback.

Here’s the first question from the survey:

Have you ever been on a short-term missions trip?

39 people have responded to the survey so far.  27 people (or 69%) responded “Yes” to this question, and 12 people (or 31%) responded “No.”

Here’s the second question from the survey:

If you have gone on a short-term missions trip, where did you go?

I received a variety of results which included:  Guatemala, Mexico, multiple US one week trips, China, Kenya, Haiti, Washington DC, Johnstown PA, Atlanta, small town in PA, New Mexico, Australia, Liberia, Ecuador, New Orleans, Uganda, Maine, Pennsylvania, haven’t left the state(s), Brazil, Bucyrus OH, East Bank WV, Livery TN, Cranks Creek KY, St. Nazaire (France), New Brunswick (California), Mindanao (Philippines), Pattaya (Thailand), India, Japan, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Thailand, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Kentucky, Estonia, various regional towns, in my own church, and Reynosa (Mexico).

It’s great to see a variety of places.  In my questions, I didn’t ask people to define short-term missions trip.  My guess is that people’s definition may be a little different.  Some of that may be influenced by my Guatemala experiences which I’ve shared frequently on my blog.  I was actually happy to see someone say their own church and others say places in the United States.

Deeper analysis will come as we look at the next three questions in the coming days.  In the meantime, I’d love to read your thoughts on the responses to the first two questions.

What do the responses to the first to STM survey questions tell you?  Were you surprised by any of the answers so far?

If you didn’t take the survey yet, please click here to add your responses.