No TV for a Month – Day One Follow-Up

I guess I can say that I made it; however, I’m honestly having second thoughts. In fact, I may consider pushing this whole thing back to after the Olympics.

Yesterday was somewhat comical, I started the day off great. On a normal day, I watch 10-15 minutes of ESPN Sportcenter while I’m eating my breakfast in the morning. I did without it yesterday. The funny thing is this, I was trying to be a kindly co-worker by taking one of my colleagues out at lunch time to pick up his truck. After this, we stopped for lunch at the Fireside in Ambler. We ended up sitting at the bar and wouldn’t you know the whole place was lined with TVs. I didn’t even think about it at first, but then I realized that I was watching ESPN Sportcenter right there. So does this count? I’m not sure. Leanne said that the no TV thing should only count at home. (And by the way, she is the one who came up with the suggestions of postponing the no TV thing until after the Olympics.)

Until the next post…