No Excuses!

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.
Benjamin Franklin

If God is calling you, you must go.

We make up so many excuses.  “I have this activity planned.”  “I can’t miss this or that.”  The reality is this:  our priorities are out of whack!  (Yes, “out of whack” is a theological term.)

Having a mission mindset requires us to respond to the urgency of God’s call.  We must learn to deal with our perceived “inconvenience.”  And we must understand that following through with a mission mindset requires sacrifice.

I confess that I haven’t always appreciated this requirement for serving God and serving others.  I have seen it played out in my own experience as I’ve watched my parents move around the country seemingly tearing our family apart geographically leaving me in Pennsylvania, my brother in Milwaukee, my other brother in Dallas, and my grandparents in the Midwest.  It’s not always “fun” or “convenient” to be so spread apart, yet I understand it’s part of following Christ.

I want to respond well when I hear the all of God.  I want to go where God sends me.  No excuses!

Are you listening to the call of God in your life?  What’s He saying?  What step do you need to take to respond to His call?

(To be challenged further on this subject, read Luke 9:57-62.)