Legacy of Love – Thoughts on Chef (the Movie)

Over the holiday weekend, I rented the movie, Chef, from our local Redbox.  My wife and I saw the movie over the summer on one of our weekly date nights, and it was a movie that brought a smile to my face.  In fact, I remember smiling throughout most of the movie.  I knew back in the summer this was a movie I had to see again.  When it came out on DVD, I knew it was time for another viewing.

(Let me warn you though, Chef is rated ‘R’ for the use of profanity.)

There was a scene in the movie that really made me think as I watched it again last week.  In the scene, Chef Casper’s son just burnt his first Cuban sandwich.  He was getting ready to feed it to some nonpaying customers when his dad quickly pulled him aside to have this conversation (there is no profanity in this scene).

There was humility, passion, and a desire to leave a legacy rolled up in this scene, and I think it flowed throughout the movie.  In this particular scene, I was reminded that we don’t always get it right.  In fact, we screw up more than most of us would like to admit.  Despite this, we still have a desire, passion, and even a responsibility to leave a legacy by doing the things we love.

Chef Casper could make a mean Cuban sandwich along with the rest of his culinary creations.  This was the love of his life, and he wanted to share it with others – especially with his son.

I want my kids and others to enjoy the things that make my heart beat.  I want them to be passionate about the things they love to do.  For my daughter right now, it’s running.  For my son, it’s making music.  These are gifts to them and to those around them.  I hope they will share these passions with the world around them.  And I hope I can make the most of the opportunity to share my passions with them.  This is a legacy worth leaving.

What do you love to do?  How are you sharing your passion with others?