Kenya – More Signs That This Is Actually Happening

The reality of our trip to Kenya is starting to sink in.  Here are a few of the recent sign posts:

1)  So far, we’ve received $1,343.45 in donations (or committed donations) towards our trip!  Wow, what a blessing!  It has been absolutely overwhelming to experience the generosity of others.

2)  We submitted our 2nd deposit ($1,600) for the trip right before Christmas bringing our total deposit value to $2,000.  Only $6,000 more to go.   This was definitely a sign that this thing is for real!  Our third deposit ($1,000) is due at the end of this month.

3)  We received confirmations this week on our flight times.  Actually knowing when you will be flying and for how long makes the trip seem much more like a reality.  I’m still trying to figure out how my 6′ 6″ frame will like being on a plane for 15 hours – pray that I can get a bulkhead or some extra leg room some how.

4)  Our family is starting to learn a few Swahili words – Jambo means “hello”.  English is spoken over there, but it will be helpful to know some of the native language.

More signs to follow, I’m sure!