Julie and Julia


I know.  I know.  I know.  It’s a chick flick.  A story about Julia Child and Julie Powell surely can’t be all that entertaining for a guy…can it?  Well… I loved the movie.  Leanne and I saw it in the theaters when it first came out, and we saw it at home on-demand several months ago.  Leanne loves the movie so much that I decided to pick up a copy for her for her birthday last week, so we watched it again this weekend.

The movie is truly inspiring as a blog writer, as an aspiring cook, and as a husband who is fully devoted and head over heals for his wife.  Leanne and I connected to the movie the first time because of all the french themes and scenes (we were engaged in France).  Due to our circumstances the past few months, I think we connected more this time to the overall story of Julie and Julia finding their way – figuring out how and where to leave their mark.  I think we also connected more this time to the story of devotion and partnership that was obvious in their marriages.

I want to support my wife in whatever she does.  I want her to know that I’m listening.  I want her to know that I am her biggest fan.  And I want her to know that no matter what I am so proud of her and to be called her husband.

So if you’re looking for a great date movie or if you need a little inspiration for your kitchen or your marriage, check out Julie and Julia.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!