Ice Breaker – Wrestling


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Professional wrestler, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, passed away yesterday.  If you look him on Wikipedia, you will see that he had a storied career as a wrestler and trainer.  Today’s Ice Breaker question is inspired by the world of professional wrestling.

Question:  If you were a professional wrestler, what would your name be?  And what would your signature move be?

My Answer:  My brother, David, and I used to watch professional wrestling when we were kids.  Our Mom wasn’t too crazy about it, but we loved to watch the weekly antics of the “athletes” to give us ideas for our own living room wrestling matches between each other.  Many of our matches took place when our parents were away.  Our babysitter would actually announce the match from the couch as David and I paraded down the hallway into the “ring” (the living room) and as we wrestled each other.  One time, David lost a tooth while we were wrestling, and I think we even got it on cassette tape.

If I were a professional wrestler, my name would be Jon “The Swedish Fish” Stolpe.  And my signature move would be “The Pickled Herring.”  The move would involve grabbing a bucket of pickled herring from the ringside and shoving it down my opponent’s throat.  When performed correctly, the opponent would gag and run out of the ring leaving me to bask in the victory and the consumption of a piece of herring on a rye crisp cracker.

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