Ice Breaker – Love Songs


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With Valentine’s Day coming up on Sunday, this week’s question seems appropriate.

Question:  What is your favorite love song?

My Answer:  Songs have a way of connecting us to a past memory.  For this reason, I have several favorite love songs:

  1. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton is one of my favorites.  My wife and I shared our first dance to this song.
  2. In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel is another favorite.  My college friends who were there will remember the dance floor clearing, so Leanne and I could dance to this song.
  3. It Must Be Love by Rickie Lee Jones from the Thirtysomething soundtrack takes up one of my spots.  I listened to this track over and over again the summer after Leanne and I first met as I was traveling to Connecticut and Massachusetts for my summer job with ServiceMaster.
  4. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers is another favorite.  This song is a little more energetic than your traditional love song, but it reminds me that love is fun and it often means going the distance for the one you love.
  5. I Will Be Here by Stephen Curtis Chapman has a spot on my list.  This song was performed at our wedding, but I don’t think the words of this song fully resonated with me until Leanne and I went through some of the challenges of life.

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