Ice Breaker – Human Achievement


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On this date in 1911, Orville Wright stayed in the air for 9 minutes and 45 seconds in the Wright Glider in North Carolina.  Considering I flew from Newark, New Jersey to Guatemala City, Guatemala this summer in 5 hours, this event seems rather unspectacular.  But what if no one had never done this before?  Obviously, Orville Wright’s achievement was monumental in demonstrating the early potential of man to fly.  Today’s Ice Breaker is inspired by the Wright Brothers and their accomplishments.

Question:  What human achievement amazes you the most?

My Answer:  I have always been interested in space and space travel.  I am amazed that man has been able to land a man on the moon, land a rover on Mars, and fly a space craft beyond the edges of our solar system.  These achievements remind me of the creative minds God has given us.

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