Ice Breaker – Haircut/Hairdo

Ice Breaker

Image by VerseVend (via Flickr – Creative Commons)

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Question:  Describe your weirdest, wildest, or craziest haircut or hairdo.

My Answer:  As a young kid, I was a toe-head – meaning my hair was blond.  As I got older, my hair turned more of a dirty blond and then brown.  Now, it’s starting to turn a little grey in spots.  My sophomore or junior year in high school (or both), I used Sun-In to bleach my hair blond.  At the time, I had an eighties feathered haircut with a part right down the middle.  I thought I was pretty cool at the time.

Towards the end of high school, I transitioned to a buzz cut or flat top.  This was by far the easiest haircut.  There was virtually no work to it except to get it cut often enough to keep it tight.

Honestly, I was the most conservative of my brothers when it comes to haircuts.  I’m not complaining, but I can guarantee they have better stories for this question.

Here’s a picture of me during my flat top days.

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