Hitting My Stride

As a runner, there are times when I am running where everything flows.  My breathing becomes controlled.  My pace feels good.  My legs and the rest of my body feel good as they move in concert.  These are the times when I know I’ve hit my stride.  It just feels right.  This feeling doesn’t always last for the rest of the run, and sometimes it comes and goes as I run against strong head winds or I turn the corner and face a long hill.  But it’s nice while it lasts.

As things have been developing at work, at home, at our kids’ school, and even here on the blog, I have recently had a feeling of peace – a feeling that I may finally be hitting my stride.  I’m a little afraid to say that for fear that I have somehow jinxed myself.  And I do realize that there will be things that come along that throw me off my stride – that throw me out of rhythm – and that’s okay.  I just wanted to celebrate this moment.

What can you celebrate today?