Guatemala Photo Of The Day – We’re Not Here To Talk, We’re Here To Pump You Up

At first glance, it looks like El Abuelo is flexing to show off his muscles for the camera.

He’s actually inspecting a piece of wood for the house.  He did his part to help out with the house.  El Abuelo is actually holding a piece of wood he just debarked with a machete.

This picture was taken at the end of the day after he spent most of the day working in the fields outside of Xenacoj.

We may not have been able to communicate verbally, but he certainly flexed his muscles and made a huge impression on me.  This photo reminds me that faith is about words, but it’s also about actions.  We must be willing to dive in with both feet and live our faith out loud.

To borrow some words of wisdom from my favorite SNL body builders, Hans and Franz; “We’re not here to talk.  We’re here to pump you up!”

The Guatemala Photo Of The Day posts are designed to help me remember my time in Guatemala, and I hope they will also help pump you up to take action and something bigger.