Guatemala Photo Of The Day – Supermarket!

If you have never been to Santo Domingo Xenacoj, this picture probably means very little to you.  It’s a supermarket.  Here in the USA, we have grocery stores all over the place.  I can be at one in five minutes if I leave my house right now.

This supermarket opened sometime between our visit in 2013 and our visit in 2014, and it’s the first store of its kind in the village of Xenacoj.  Here you can purchase fresh fruit, refrigerated meat, and other household needs.  Prior to the construction of this store, villagers purchased foot from corner convenience stores or from street vendors near the center of town.

It’s my understanding that there was a lot of health issues in the year that led up to the opening of this store, and many street vendors were shut down while officials tried to gain control over the spreading health concerns.

The grocery store is also a sign of small advancements being made in and around Xenacoj.  Hopefully, this will be one of the advancements that benefits villagers for years and years.

We shopped here several times during our visit, and it’s where we picked up several edible gifts for the friends we have made over the past few years in Xenacoj.