Guatemala Photo Of The Day – Right Place, Right Time

Betty’s oldest son, Marcos, is blind.  He lost his sight as a young child when a surgical procedure damaged his optic nerves.  In a town like Santo Domingo Xenacoj, there is little hope for a blind person.  They don’t have Seeing Eye dogs.  They have little opportunity for finishing school or for getting a job.  And there is not a government-funded welfare system to support blind people (or other disabled people).  It’s sad to think about what could or will happen to Marcos if something happens to his mom, his grandfather, or his aunt.

Marcos who is 14 does not go to school.  School’s in villages like Xenacoj are not set up to educate the visually impaired.  This means Marcos spends much of his time in the confines of his home – the small “yard” and the house.  Marcos listens to music and plays with a cheap plastic recorder most of the day.

As we were building his new house, we were blessed by the beautiful melodies coming from Marcos and his recorder.  Marcos clearly has a talent – a gift – for music unlike most others.  Our team commented to each other several times during construction that Marcos should record his music.

Our missionary partner, Dave, had the same thoughts after hearing Marcos’ music for the first time.  He started talking with Marcos, and he soon began dreaming about using Marcos’ music to support Marcos.  He began vision-casting a way to record, produce, and sell the music.

Shortly after this, we learned that this is actually the dream that Marcos has for his music.  It’s unlikely that Marcos could make this happen on his own, but Dave could probably find a way.  It’s amazing when life converges or even conspires to reveal something beyond our intentions.

We wanted to build a house for a widow and her family.  We knew this would provide protection from the elements, a concrete floor, and beds to sleep.  We believed this would lead to other tangible benefits.  But we didn’t know how else this home might change things for this family.  A recording opportunity for Marcos may just be the tip of the iceberg – the beginning of change for Betty’s family.

Did this happen by accident?

I don’t think so.  Being in the right place at the right time starts by following God’s callings in your life.  Our family felt the call to serve in Guatemala, and we responded by going.  We want to be in the right place at the right time.  How about you?

How have you heard God’s calling in your life?  How have you responded?  When have you experienced being in the right place at the right time?