Guatemala Photo of the Day – Game On

After the teams are selected, the game begins. It’s serious and fun at the same time. Isaac hasn’t played soccer for several years, but he fits in despite his towering size. He quickly learns what soccer is really like. These Guatemalan boys can really bring it.

This is the first of many instances on our trip when I just watched and was inspired by Isaac’s adaptability and sincere care for the people of Xenacoj. He really loved conversing with the other kids. And he often came to meal time or down time with questions and comments.

Many people have asked me why a short-term missions trip like this is necessary. I have many responses. One response is this: our kids saw a much different part of the world. They experienced a small part of how most kids live in the world. And it was different than their comfortable lives here in America. They were transformed by this trip differently than going to the shore for a week or just hanging around home.

Can you get this experience in the United States?


But I would argue it’s much different outside our borders, and we all need our eyes opened to the world outside our comfort zone. Going to Guatemala was an opportunity to get in the game on a whole different level.