Guatemala Photo Of The Day – Burden

This statue stands on the front steps of the Town Hall in Santo Domingo Xenacoj in Guatemala.  The statue depicts a familiar sight in the streets of Xenacoj.  Workers carry a huge load of firewood on their backs.  More than likely they spent a large amount of time cutting logs and splitting the wood at the beginning of the day, and they use the remaining hours of day light to carry the wood up into the village.

Firewood is an essential element for homes in the village.  The wood is primarily used for cooking.  Some ladies cook on open fires, and many cook on a wood-fired stove.

I am always amazed when I see the men (and sometimes women) carrying loads of wood on their backs.  The statue is another reminder of the strong work ethic of many of the villagers.  It’s also a reminder of the burden many villagers carry as they try to scratch together the funds to provide food and clothing for their families.

What burden are you carrying?