Guatemala 2016 Update – Meet The Family

GUATEMALA UPDATE 2016 Meet the Family

Building 100 homes in Guatemala is not a goal about “Let’s see what Jon can do.”

My goal of building 100 homes in Guatemala is about helping families one at a time.  Each of these families is made up of individuals who have names, skills, passions, and purposes.  And it’s our hope that we can give them a boost to help them survive, thrive, and live life on purpose.

Over the weekend, we received our first peek into one of the families we will be building for this summer.  We don’t know the mother’s name yet or the names of her children, but we’re excited to meet her, to play with her kids, and to give her the boost she needs by provides a dry house and comfortable beds.

Here’s a picture:

Guatemala 2016 Family for house 1

Please pray for this woman and her children.  Pray that we might be effective in helping her.

I look forward to sharing more as we get to know this precious family.

Stay tuned!

What would you like to know about this family?