Guatemala 2016 Update – A Day Of Rest

(Sunday, July 17, 2016)

We said goodbye to our two nurses who headed home to the United States today.

Our family took it easy hanging around Xenacoj for the day.  We had lunch at German’s house where Suzy fed us a delicious meal of carne assada, roasted potatoes, salsa, and fresh strawberries.  We also took time to take advantage of his wi-fi, so we could connect with home briefly.

We relaxed during the afternoon and played Dutch Blitz, and I took a nap.

Dave brought home a Canadian, Emily, who was supposed to fly home to Alberta, Canada today, but her flight was cancelled.  It sounds like she’ll be staying with us for a night or two until her flight can be rescheduled.  I think she will be going with us to Ayapan tomorrow morning.  And she might be visiting our construction site in the afternoon.

Tonight, we walked over to Central Park after dinner to take in the sites and sounds of the festival.  Tonight was a big night of pageantry as the candidates for this year’s Queen of Xenacoj were announced and Mayan dances were performed.

I’m ready for bed as it’s much later than we’ve been going to bed this week.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m looking forward to what awaits us.