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    Dynamic Marriage – Spring Class Ends Tonight

    Tonight, Leanne and I finished facilitating our latest Dynamic Marriage class at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Royersford, PA.

    This is the second time we have facilitated this 9 week curriculum for couples. While I can’t share specifics about any of the couples or about the class, I can tell you that this class is a life changer and a marriage builder.

    We witnessed couples taking significant steps in their marriages as they learned how to meet their spouses greatest needs. The couples also learned to combat the love busters that strive a wedge in their relationships.

    I am humbled that I get to participate in the transformation that takes place during this class. Here are a few of the key lessons from this season’s class:

    • The couple that prays together stays together.
    • If I don’t fill my spouse’s love bank, someone else will.
    • Our marriages have to take a front seat to our parenting responsibilities.
    • We each have the ability to break the vicious cycle that leads to marital disharmony.
    • In order to build my marriage, I must be intentional.
    • I must learn to speak life into my mate.
    • It’s the little things that matter.
    • Communicate and commit.

    I’m sure there are other lessons, but this gives you a little taste.

    Leanne and I hope to lead our next Dynamic Marriage class in the fall. There is limited space available, so you should inquire by heading to CCV’s website at to claim your spot.