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      Dutch Oven Cooking – Pizza

      Dutch oven from the 1890s  Note the evidence of ashes on the lid.With the countdown continuing towards my annual pilgrimage to the Poconos, I couldn’t help but get one of my dutch ovens out over the weekend for the test run at a recipe I recently found on Byron’s Dutch Oven Cooking Page website.  This weekend I tried pizza in my 14″ dutch oven.  Here’s the basic gist of what I tried (since it wasn’t exactly like the recipe that I had found).  First, I but a layer of crescent roll dough on the bottom of my greased oven.  Next, I evenly coated the dough with pizza sauce.  Then, I piled on the toppings:  mushrooms, smoked turkey sausage, pepperoni, red onions, parmessan cheese, garlic powder, pepper, italian seasonings, and cheese.  Finally, I put coals underneath and on top of the oven and let it cook for about 30 minutes.
      The results were pretty good, but I did learn a few things for next time.  First, my toppings selection made by pizza a little to salty tasting for my liking, so I wouldn’t try it exactly the same next time.  Secondly, the bottom of my pizza was a little charred, so I will use less coals on the bottom next time.  Finally, I would have liked the crust a little thicker, so I would probably use two containers of roll dough next time.  Still, I can’t complain.  This recipe was definitely something to try again on a future camping (or backyard) adventure.
      Until the next post, the countdown continues…