The past two days (along with the past several weeks) have left me feeling drained.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful for the happenings of the past couple days (and the past several weeks). I think I’m just ready for some rest.

The rest is coming. I have some time off scheduled for later this month, and it will be welcomed.

(I’m sure I’ve written about this before. It just seems to be a theme for my life.)

We must learn to take breaks. We must learn to take time to recharge.

People often marvel out loud to me about how much I do. This is a trap!!!

In my bent toward people pleasing and hearing the praises of my fellow man, I lose perspective on who deserves time, attention, and praise. (Clue: It’s not me!)

The Bible may talk about the importance of avoiding idleness (or laziness), but I don’t see where it says to be flat out busy.

In the story of Mary and Martha from the Gospels, we see how Jesus desires relationship with us. It’s hard to foster relationship when we’re too busy or too drained to give attention to others (including Jesus).

Jesus instructs us (the weary) to come to him for rest.

Maybe you are feeling drained like me. It’s time to take a break and to come to Jesus. He’ll give us the rest we really need.

(Now if I could just listen to my own advice.)