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Book Review: The Catalyst Leader by @bradlomenick

If you are looking for a leadership book that will challenge you and inspire you, look no further.  The latest from Brad Lomenick is just what you need.

In The Catalyst Leader, Lomenick shares 8 Essentials For Becoming A Change Maker.

The book is packed with great quotes, stories of inspiration, and practical advice for leaders who want to STRETCH and grow – who want the make a difference.  Besides the quotes, stories, and advice, I love the links found in the book that provide access to all kinds of other information and inspiration.

Lomenick shares stories from his past and from his most recent experience at the leader of Catalyst – perhaps the biggest and most influential leadership conference and organization in the world today.  He explains the 8 characteristics of a catalyst leader:

  • Called
  • Authentic
  • Passionate
  • Capable
  • Courageous
  • Principled
  • Hopeful
  • Collaborative

I have marks and notes all over this book.  I am pleased to add this to my leadership library, and it’s a book I’ll come back to again and again for practical tips in how I can become a better leader in my work, at my church, and in my home.

If you are a leader, consider picking up a copy of The Catalyst Leader today.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  This is definitely a resource that I recommend.

How have these Catalyst characteristics changed your leadership?  What is one thing you can do this week to become a change maker right where you are?  What leadership books do you recommend adding to my library?

3 Thumbs Up! April 28, 2012

It’s time for the next installment of 3 Thumbs Up!  This is an opportunity for me to share 3 things that deserve a thumbs up.  So here goes for this week:

Thumbs Up No. 1:  Flipboard for iPad.  A friend at work showed me this application for the iPad yesterday.  Flipboard is a social magazine application for the iPad and iPhone that lets you set up a customized online browse pad to help you keep up on your interest areas and on your social media outlets.  Within a minute, I had the application loaded onto my iPad from the App Store, and I had it set up with my interest areas along with my Twitter and Facebook feed.  I love it!  It’s definitely worth checking out.  Oh yeah, it’s FREE!

Thumbs Up No. 2:  Catalyst Podcast.  This isn’t new to me, but it’s worth sharing.  On a weekly basis, Ken Coleman and Brad Lomenick host this leadership focused podcast that provides interviews and insights from today’s top leaders in the Christian community.  Past interviews have been with leaders like Francis Chan, Michael Hyatt, Bill Hybels, John Ortberg, Jim Collins, Andy Stanley, and Tony Dungy.  If you are a leader, I’d recommend checking out this valuable resource.  Click here to check it out.

Thumbs Up No. 3:  The Handwritten.  This is a creative blog by my friend, Michael D. Perkins.  Each week, Joe hand writes several posts that creatively express Michael’s take on a particular scripture passage.  I’m inspired, challenged, and motivated on a daily basis by what he brings to the table.  Check it out here.  Stop over and become part of his blogging community.

What new in your world that deserves a thumbs up?