6 Reasons To Go To Guatemala With Me In 2014

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This Saturday afternoon, our family will be hosting an informational meeting for those who might be interested in going to Guatemala with us in 2014.  We’d love to have you join us.  To find out more about the meeting, click here.

Why would you want to go to Guatemala with me in 2014?

Great question!  While I think it would be an amazing and unique experience for anyone, I don’t think it’s just something COOL to do.  I think a trip to Guatemala is a great idea for many reasons.  Today’s post will give you something to chew on.  I’m hoping it will leave you curious to find out more information.

6 Reasons To Go To Guatemala With Me In 2014

  1. Follow the Great Commission.  In Matthew 28:18-20, we are told to go into all the world.  Going to Guatemala with me will provide a great way for you to live this out.
  2. Do something different.  You can spend a week at the beach or a week in the mountains any year.  Make this a year when you do something different.  Going to Guatemala with me will give you the opportunity to do something completely different.  You will eat different food.  You will hear different language and different music.  You will meet different people.  It will be different, and it will be good!
  3. Broaden your view.  You live in a box.  I’m not sure how big it is, but you have your comfort levels and viewpoints based on what goes on in your “little” box.  Did you know there is much more in this world that happens outside your box?  My first trip to Guatemala in 2012 was an eye-opener for me.  I had never before seen the poverty that I saw in Guatemala.  I was introduced to a new culture and way of life as I walked the streets of Xenacoj and met the people.  Going to Guatemala with me will broaden your view and change many of your perspectives on life.
  4. Get your feet wet.  When you approach a swimming pool, a lake, or the ocean to go for a swim, most of us stick a toe in the water before we jump in.  We want to see how the water feels.  Is it hot?  Is it cold?  We want to get our feet wet before we commit ourselves to getting completely wet.  Going to Guatemala with me will give you the opportunity to get your feet wet on missions.
  5. Change someone’s life forever.  When people think of a short-term missions trip, they don’t often think about having a long-term impact.  My experience has shown me that a short-term trip can have a long-term impact.  Going to Guatemala with me will give you an opportunity to change someone’s life forever.
  6. Change your life.  I don’t like change.  I like being in my “comfort zone.”  But I’ve realized how change can be healthy.  It STRETCHES you to new heights.  It transforms you into something better.  Going to Guatemala with me will change your life forever.  You will come home a different person.  I’m hoping you will come home with a new mindset – a mission mindset!

What are your travel plans for 2014?  What would a trip to Guatemala with me make possible in your life and in the lives of those around you?