2008 – Week 6 Exercise Recap

Here’s my recap from last week.  While it was the same mileage as the previous week, I was certainly a building week.  This week included my longest run so far this year and my first two-a-day.  Here are the details:
Sunday 2/3 – 9.0 miles (on the muddy Perkiomen Trail)
Monday 2/5 – 6.0 miles
Tuesday 2/6 AM – 7.6 miles
Tuesday 2/6 PM – 2.4 miles
Thursday 2/7 – 7.0 miles
Total for the week – 32 miles (Total for the year – 160.5 miles)
I was hoping to get a few miles in on Saturday, but I spent the day painting instead.  I got a good ladder workout.
Until the next post…