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      Pondering The Brevity Of Life


      There is an audio version below.

      Teach Us To Number Our Days

      This is a post I wrote just four weeks ago upon learning that a college classmate of mine had been placed on hospice.  I received word Tuesday afternoon that she passed away.  She was young (at least by my standards).  From what I can tell, she lived her life to the fullest, and she lived her life with the intention of glorifying God even in these last four weeks.

      I am reminded through this news of the brevity of life.

      When we are young, we think we will live forever.  We feel invincible.  As we approach mid-life (where I am now), we begin to realize life moves pretty quickly.  In talking to those twice my age, it doesn’t sound like life slows down at all as we get older.  It just keeps going faster and faster.

      I’m reminded of a line from one of my favorite movies, Shawshank Redemption, of the choice we have.  We must choose to “get busy living or get busy dying.”  We all have a birth date, and we are all headed to a death date.  I don’t fear my death date, but I do want to make the most of the time in between these two milestones.  Some people refer to this as the dash.  How will you live your dash?

      This is a question we should all ponder today.

      Let’s all decide today to make the most of our time here on the earth.  Let’s do what really matters.  Let’s honor God and bring glory to his name by how we live our lives.

      Here’s the link to my original post – Teach Us To Number Our Days.

      I would encourage you to head over to Kristie Rush’s blog to read how she processed her final days in this life.  I think you’ll be challenged and inspired.

      What are you going to do TODAY to make the most of your time?  Share in the comments.