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      Thank You Thursday – The Impact You May Never Know

      Thank You Revolution Header

      It’s week 6 of the 90 Day Thank You Note Challenge.  Here’s some encouragement to keep you focused.

      The Impact You May Never Know

      Writing thank you notes requires time, thought, and intentionality. Just like writing a blog post, you cannot expect to rush through the process.  If you want a quality note that makes an impact, you have to be specific in giving thanks.  You want to provide enough detail to make sure the recipient knows you noticed.  You want it to be neat.  In other words, it has to be legible.  The recipient will be able to read the note, and they will see that you took the time to honor them through the note.

      Obviously, we want our thank you notes to mean something – especially to the recipient.

      Often, I receive feedback from the recipients of my thank you notes.  They thank me for thanking them.  It provides a great opportunity to thank them again.  (It’s a fun cycle of gratitude!)  But there are also times when I don’t hear anything from the recipients.  This is just fine with me.  I have to trust they got the note.  If you are part of the 90 Day Thank You Note Challenge or the Thank You Revolution, you can’t write notes to get feedback from others.  When you write thank you notes, your focus should be on giving – not getting.

      But here’s the interesting thing, your thank you notes are having an impact.

      Your thank you note came at just the right time for someone.  Your note provided encouragement to someone.  They kept going, because you noticed them.  They kept going with a bigger smile and extra pep in their step, because you wrote them a thank you note.  But that’s not all.  Your thank you note encouraged them to be more thankful.  They started saying thank you to others.  In fact, they started writing thank you notes to others, because they received a thank you note from you.  They may not have signed up for the Challenge or the Revolution, but they started writing thank you notes more regularly.  As a result of their thank you notes, others were impacted – others started writing thank you notes – more people were recognized and encouraged – and more people felt appreciated.  And it kept going from there.

      Can you see how this thing grows?

      Your simple, thoughtful thank you notes are having a huge impact.  They are impacting people you may never meet.  They are impacting people in ways you may never know.

      Is it worth writing a thank you note this week?

      You bet!  Now get to it.  Your notes of thanks are having an impact!

      How have you been impacted by someone’s thank you note to you?  How have you seen the impact of your thank you notes to others?