Soul Surfer

Last night, Leanne, Hannah, and I went to see Soul Surfer at a local treasure, The Grand, an old-style movie theater up in Greenville, PA.  The Grand is a great place to catch a movie.  There’s an organ up in the front that plays music while you wait for the show to start.  The ticket prices are reasonable ($3 matinée and $5 evening).  The snack prices won’t break the bank.  And we only had to watch one preview.  We’ve seen a few movies here over the past few years, and we’ve always been impressed by the service and show.  Last night was no exception.

Soul Surfer is a movie based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a teenage surfing sensation who loses her arm to a shark attack.  As her family wrestles with the aftermath of this accident, they must all come to terms with their faith and their future.  I was very impressed how this was showcased in the movie.  The movie does not back down from being bold about God’s role in this families life.  As Leanne and I sat there watching, I believe we both resonated with the messages of this movie.

God has a plan for our lives despite events that seem so tragic.

God works good in everything – even though we can’t see it all.

Sometimes we don’t know all the answers for tomorrow, and we just need to wait.

When “junk” happens in our lives, we have two choices.  We can sit around feeling sorry for ourselves, or we can get back up and keep going forward.

The “junk” can actually be the catalyst in our lives to give us greater opportunity.

I hold this hope for our own lives, and I’m thankful for the cinematic reminder last night.  I’d definitely recommend this movie, and I’d definitely recommend a night at The Grand.