Everyone Needs A Coach

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”

Bill Gates

What is a coach?

A coach guides, instructs, mentors, and sets an example.

Why you need a coach?

You are on a journey in which you have not yet arrived. You need someone who has gone in front of you who can share their wisdom which they have gained from their experiences, training, and education. You need a coach who can encourage you especially when you are lost or discouraged. And you need a coach who will spur you on when our motivation is diminished.

How do you find a coach?

Open your eyes and your ears. Your coach is possibly right in front of you. Look for someone who has experience or training in the area(s) in which you are striving. Listen for those who clearly have knowledge and also a solid reputation. Do some research and discover your options. Then ask. Finding a coach requires action on your part. You must ask for help. Pick up the phone and call your potential coach. Go out together for a walk or a cup of coffee. Finding your coach will most likely require your intentional action.

When should you get a coach?

Now! That’s the short answer. You need a coach when you are tired of complacency. You need a coach when you need help taking the next step (or steps) on your journey. You need a coach when you want to go to the next level.

How much should I pay for a coach?

You could find someone willing to be your coach for free, and that might work for a little while. But I want to encourage you to consider paying for coaching. When you pay for coaching, you are far more likely to take the coaching serious and to take the prescribed action to move forward in your journey. Additionally, your coach is spending their time and resources to provide coaching to you. This costs something. In my experience, coaching can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a few coaching sessions to several thousand dollars for day-long or week-long one-on-one intensive coaching. Paying a coach is worth it!

Everyone needs a coach!

Why not let me be your coach!

Why you should pick me to be your coach?

That’s right! I’d love to be your coach. I have a passion for helping men take their next steps forward – steps to becoming a better father, steps to becoming a better husband, steps in their career, and even steps in their faith. As a husband of over 23 years, a father of 22 years, a business leader, and a committed follower of Christ, I have wisdom worth sharing. I’ve also gained knowledge from many who have coached me. Most recently, I’ve coached many men through the Stretched Men Group mastermind group, and I know I can help you.

What does coaching look like with me?

I’m currently offering three levels of coaching:

Stretch Player Level: This is my bi-weekly, three month semester Stretched Men Group mastermind group. This coaching opportunity allows men to connect with each other in a safe environment that helps each man stretch forward. Men who have participated in this level of coaching have taken steps forward in their families, their marriages, their careers, and their faith. This is a great place to plug into coaching.

Stretch All-Star Level: This is six (6) hour-long sessions one-on-one with me. These sessions will involve thought provoking coaching conversations with actionable outcomes. This is a great level to consider if you are ready to go further faster.

Stretch MVP/VIP Level: This is a full one day experience with me. From breakfast to dinner, we will spend the entire day together mapping out a plan to go to the next level and beyond. This day which includes three meals will be a more intensive opportunity for coaching. We will spend time understanding your current place and challenge. We will vision cast your life goals and mission. We will specifically analyze your priorities, your personal schedule, and the obstacles you may be facing keeping you from stretching to your potential. Finally, we will develop an action plan necessary to move forward. This coaching level includes three follow-up calls designed to make sure you are on track with your action plan. It’s also an opportunity to make adjustments to help you move forward.

How do you sign up for these coaching opportunities?

For more information, stop over to StretchedMenGroup.com. This will give you more information about Stretch Player Level (Stretched Men Group). I will be adding more information to these site soon about all three levels. In the meantime, sign-up over at the website for a free, no-obligation phone call with me. This will give us the opportunity to talk about coaching and which level might be a good fit for you.

Everyone needs a coach! Why not let me be your coach?