Top 10 List of Stolpe Christmas Traditions

From the home office in Schwenksville, PA:
Top 10 List of Stolpe Christmas Traditions
10.  Putting up lights outside.  This is a new tradition for me as of last year.  This year I decided that it was much easier and safer to put lights on the shed instead of the house.
9.  Swedish food.  KorvSwedish MeatballsPickled Herring.  Candied Apples.  Cheese.  Crackers.  Rice Pudding.  Raspberry Creme.  Spritz Cookies.
8.  Christmas services.  Growing up as a PK, I was always at church for multiple Christmas Eve services.  This will continue to be one of our traditions.  If you're looking for a service in our area – come to our church for one of the five services being offered.
7.  Christmas movies.  My all time favorite is – It's a Wonderful Life, but I enjoy many other ones as well.
6.  Christmas caroling.  This year we'll be caroling at the Colonnade in Schwenksville.  It should be a great time.  I'm thinking of busting out the saxophone as part of this adventure.
5.  Christmas books.  This has been a harder tradition to keep this year – with our busy schedules and the kids changing interests.
4.  Hanging up Christmas ornaments on December 8th – my birthday.  Every year the kids look forward to hearing me explain all the stories about each of the ornaments that I have received since my very first Christmas…1971 – an angel (my only year as an angel), 1972 – a horse (apparently, my first word was "orse"), 1973 – a little boy (looks just like I did), 1974 – a train (living in Illinois – we saw all kinds of trains all the time), …  Now, the kids have gotten into this tradition with their own ornaments.  This year Isaac is getting a Snoopy Scouts ornament to remind us that this year he started Cub Scouts.  Hannah is getting a High School Musical ornament – we decorated Hannah's room somewhat based on this theme this year.
3.  Driving around and looking at Christmas decorations.  While it sometimes seems over the top.  It's always amazing to see how people spend their electricity.
2.  Family time.  I am looking forward to relaxing and hanging out together as a family.  This year we'll be home with just the four of us.  It should be a quiet time to celebrate.
1.  Celebrating our Savior's birth.  Every year since our kids hit the scene, we have read the birth account as told in the gospel of Luke.  When it comes down to it, this is what Christmas is all about.
So what are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?