To The Rescue


I’d like to rescue people in trouble, like Superman.

Sheridan Smith

When I was a toddler, my parents lived in the town of Carol Stream, IL.  Carol Stream is a western suburb of Chicago.  We lived in a three bedroom ranch home with a crawl space underneath the house.  I have fond memories of climbing the giant willow tree in the backyard of this house.  What I don’t remember is the time our neighborhood flooded.  The water on our street kept going up and up and up until it crested at the floor level of our house.

It wasn’t a safe condition, and there wasn’t an easy way for us to get to higher ground.  My Mom, my Dad, our dog, and I were trapped inside our house uncertain of the future.  Would the water keep rising?  Would we have enough food to last a few days?  Would we be safe?  (I don’t remember having these thoughts, but I’m sure my parents must have been very scared.  After all, this was long before the days of the cell phone.)

As the water reached the high point, a rescue team showed up at our front door in a boat.  Our family was taken to higher ground where my Grandpa was waiting for us to take us to his house which was not endanger of flooding.

We all need to be rescued.

You may not realize it, but you are either on the edge of incredible danger or you once were at some point in your life.

I was listening to the story of a friend the other day who was recovering from a very deep valley in his life.  As I heard his story, I realized I how blessed I was to be where I am today.  I also realized how close I was to my own deep, dark valleys in the journey of my life.

For one reason or another, I have been protected.  This doesn’t mean I can let my guard down.  It doesn’t mean I haven’t faced trials and tribulations of my own.  It does mean I should be thankful for the blessing of being rescued.

I think and talk a lot about living a life on mission – about having a mission mindset.

This has to be our natural response to the rescue we have experienced in our own lives.

In John 3:16, Jesus says “For God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son, and whoever believes in Him will not perish but will have eternal life.”  (my own paraphrasing)

God sent His Son on a rescue mission for you and for me.

Because we have experienced rescue in our lives, we should have a mindset to help rescue others.

How have you experienced rescue in your life?