The Power of the Next Question

A blurb from my journal dated 5/18/11…

“I made it to my men’s group at Limerick Diner after missing it the past few weeks.  It was good to be back.  I was reminded this evening about the importance of asking the ‘next’ question.  So often we ask a basic question, but we don’t follow it up with questions that take us deeper.  Either we’re too lazy or we just don’t care.  I don’t want to be like this.”

Without going into specifics, one of the guys in our group seemed a bit down when we were initially going around the table at the beginning of our time together.  After this initial check-in, our conversation drifted to other subject matters.  My friend’s initial comment was temporarily ignored as we joked around and talked about other things.  It would have been easy to let our time together end without following up.  So often, I fall into this trap.  For some reason towards the end of this time, I asked him what was up – why did he seem down.

It’s amazing the conversation that followed.

It was so worth asking the ‘next’ question.  I think it was an opportunity for our group to rally around our friend.  I think it was a chance for us to be more transparent.  I think it was a chance for us all to grow.  I’m thankful that my friend was willing to open up and share what was troubling him.

As I stated in my journal that night, I don’t want to be too lazy or self focused to ask the ‘next’ question.

So when was the last time someone asked you the next question?  How did it work out?