The Discipline of Being Present


“We’ve fallen into a trap of ever-widening orbits of contact, and there is a total disregard for the present moment.”

Jerry Seinfeld

Yesterday, I wrote about the discipline of showing up.  Now that you understand the importance of showing up, it’s time to make the most of your time here. The discipline of being present is crucial to your overall success in your life.

What does it mean to be present?

Being present means being in tune with what is going on around you. It means really listening to what others have to say. And it means contributing to the conversation.

Being present means engaging with others. It means actively participating in life. It means listening to the others and providing constructive feedback to help others grow. It also means listening to the feedback of others to help you grow.

When you show up, be on time. Introduce yourself to others. Talk to others.  Learn to put aside your other distractions and focus on those in front of you in the moment.

Being present will stretch you to become a better leader and a better human being.

How would your world be different if you made the decision to be present?  How has being present made a difference in your life?