Thank You Thursday – Isaac’s Example

The Thank You Revolution is for everyone.

My son, Isaac, is a great example for others to follow.  Last week, he had his braces removed.  It was a “fun” process for the whole family.  Isaac dealt with the pain and hassle of the braces.  Leanne and I dealt with financial pain of paying for this process.  And Leanne spent a fair amount of time carting Isaac to and from the orthodontist.


When Isaac had the braces removed and he saw the finished product, you could tell he was appreciative.  This past summer, he had the opportunity to go to Guatemala with our family.  While he was there, he saw kids and adults with all kinds of dental issues – missing teeth, crooked teeth, and decaying teeth.  I think this may have amplified his appreciation for his orthodontic opportunity.

The night the braces were removed, Leanne and I were greeted by a thank you note as we headed to bed.


The note read:

Thank You

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank You for providing the money to get my smile correct!  I know it was a lot of money and I’ll try my best with the retainers.  Thanks again!



It was a simple note, and it left a big impression.

You are not too old or too young to write a thank you note.

Start today.  Express your gratitude to others.

A simple note can change the world.

How has a simple thank you note changed your world?  Why are you thankful today?