Second Chances – Liberty for Prisoners

God is a god of second chances.

This was so obvious last night when our H.O.P.E. group traveled to “downtown” Schwenksville to hang out at Liberty Ministries for an evening of sharing and games.  Liberty Ministries is an organization focused on rehabilitating men who have recently been released from prison.  Men stay in the program for one to three years where they are gradually provided more freedoms and responsibilities.  Along the way, they are discipled and given tools for succeeding outside of prison.

Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect.  I was tired after a day of work (and a day of laryngitis).  And I just wanted to be at home for the evening.

I think God had other plans.

Our group showed up with prepared to lead the men in worship.  Our kids all prepared a verse to share with the group.  And one of our H.O.P.E. regulars shared a thought for the day.  From there, the floor opened up for more sharing.  This is when things got interesting.

The men began to share their stories.  They shared stories of despair turned to redemption through Liberty.  They spoke directly to our kids commending the for what they shared earlier and encouraging them to stay strong in God’s Word.  All of us listened intently as each man shared their story of second chances.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus talked about visiting prisoners.  These men are now free, but they are dealing with a gradual reintroduction and acceptance into society.  We had the chance to serve Jesus by being there last night. (Matthew 25:31-46)

And they definitely ministered to us.

God is a god of second chances!

Our church started a series this past weekend about second chances.  I’m excited to see what happens through this series.  If you live anywhere in the area, I would especially encourage you to be there on March 30th when Pete Rose will be visiting.

How have you experienced a second chance?