Scars And Stretch Marks Revealed – Why Scars Are Meant To Be Exposed


Some people may think scars are cool, but if we’re honest no one really likes their ugly spots, blemishes, and scars left exposed for others to see.

When I was a teenager, my complexion was fairly clear, but I did deal with a few zits from time to time.  I was always self conscious of my “big” nose (thanks to the teasing of some of my peers), and it didn’t help went one zit left a scar right on the middle of my nose for a good portion of my high school days.  I couldn’t cover it up.  It was right there for everyone to see like a Dallas Cowboys fan in the middle of the stands at Lincoln Financial Field (home of the Philadelphia Eagles).

We all have scars.  Some are physical blemishes like the spot on my nose or the two-inch gash on my left leg.  Most of our scars run much deeper.  They’re emotional scars created by personal blunders, dysfunctional relationships, and by some things outside of our control.  (I wrote about some of these scars in my own life about a year and a half ago – Less Like Scars.)

We run away.  We cover up our blemishes with make-up, masks, and masquerades.  We put on an act.  We pretend that nothing ever happened, and we hide our real selves.  We go into denial, and we don’t deal with the pain.

Maybe our scars and stretch marks were meant to be revealed.

Here are 5 reasons I believe scars are meant to be exposed:

  1. Our scars and stretch marks need exposure to accelerate the healing process.  [Click to Tweet]  If we keep a bandage on our wound, it will not heal.  The wound needs air and light.  Letting others see our hurts gives others a chance to be a part of the healing process.
  2. Our scars and stretch marks tell a story.  [Click to Tweet]  They testify to the junk we’ve dealt with in our lives, and they speak to the healing that is possible.
  3. Our scars and stretch marks bring glory to God.  [Click to Tweet]  If we truly believe that God is the Healer and Great Physician then we have to believe that God can work through the painful parts in our lives to create something far more beautiful than we could ever imagine.
  4. Our scars and stretch marks represent hope for others.  [Click to Tweet]  Our blemishes help others relate to us.  When people see us living life after we’ve been wounded, it will show them that life can go on.
  5. Our scars and stretch marks help us identify with Christ.  [Click to Tweet]  “From now on, let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.”  Galatians 6:17  Jesus Christ died on the cross and was wounded for you and me.  He was wounded and scarred for you and for me.  My blemishes are a reminder that Christ bears scars for me.

What scars do you have?  How has it helped to reveal your scars?

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