Priceless Popsicles

Guatemala 2013 365

What can you purchase for $12.50?

What did you purchase last week that cost $12.50?


A quarter tank of gas?

A ticket to the movies?

This summer, the value of $12.50 took on a whole new perspective for our family while we were in Guatemala.

Yesterday, I shared a little about our trip to San Antonio.  Today, I want to share a little more about this trip.

On our way out of Xenacoj, our van pulled over at a local store.  Dave, our missionary friend, jumped out of the van and ran into the store.  Within a few minutes, he popped out of the store with three boxes in his arms.  As he climbed back into the van, he passed the boxes back for us to see.

Guatemala 2013 300

As the van started moving, Dave asked us if we were ready to see one hundred kids smile.  He went onto explain that he had just purchased 100 Popsicles and ice creams for a grand total of 90 Quetzals.  90 Quetzals is equivalent to $12.50 (US Dollars).  Amazing!

When we arrived in San Antonio, we saw the poorest children we saw while we were in Guatemala.  These children struggled with malnutrition, hygiene, and general poor health.  They do not experience any of the luxuries that we take for granted.  They don’t get three healthy meals a day.  They don’t have a closet full of clothing.  They don’t have an abundance of toys or books.  Do they get ice cream very often?  I don’t think so.

This was a real treat for these children.  And it was incredible to see them enjoy this very special treat.

It cost us 90 Quetzals and a quarter tank of gas, but the results were priceless.

Guatemala 2013 361

I will never forget the look on the faces of these children as they accepted these cold treats and as they enjoyed the cool flavors.  I know we live in a different place where prices are naturally higher, but I will never again have a Popsicle without thinking of the children in San Antonio.

How might you spend $12.50 this week that would change someone’s life?  I’d love to hear your ideas!