One Word 2013 – Epiphany


I’ve wrestled with coming up with just one word to define my year ahead.  Last year, I jumped into theOne Word 365 Community when I selected the word transformed to define my 2012.  (You can click here to read my introductory post from last year.)  As you may recall from my December posts (click here and here), I can definitely point to several things in 2012 that transformed me.

This year, I’ve been slow to select a new word.  I thought about consistent.  As I want to stay the course that was put in place last year.  As I want to be more consistent in certain areas of my life.  I thought about focused.  I think I’m a pretty focused person, but I can see how focus in certain areas of my life could have amazing impact.

Then I wrote a simple post this past Sunday titled Epiphany.  And it dawned on me, epiphany is the perfect word for me for 2013.  Epiphany is about revealing Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in my life.  I want to experience epiphany on a daily basis.  I want to know Christ better today than yesterday.  I want my life to be marked as revealing Christ to other people.  I’m sure this will come through some words, but I especially want my actions to be marked as one who is following Christ.  I suppose I could have selected reveal as my word, but epiphany seems to provide some new and interesting angles that I’d like to pursue.

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And so, I start 2013 with a new word.  Epiphany.  I pray that I would be open to daily epiphanies in my life.  I pray that I would help people to have their own epiphanies.  And I look forward to what the new year brings.

Did you select one word for 2013?  What word did you select?  And why?