Now Who Do I Cheer For?

If you picked up the sports page this morning or tuned into Sportcenter, you may have observed that my two favorite baseball teams (the Phillies and the Cubs) were eliminated from playoff contention last night. What a bummer!

This leaves me with an interesting dilemma. Who should I cheer for now to win the World Series? I can’t cheer from the Rockies or the Diamondbacks since they just beat my two favorite teams. I’m not really a Yankees fan. After all, they have an unfair advantage with all that money they spend on their players. It doesn’t look good for the Angels who are down two games to the Red Sox. So I’m left with the Indians or the Red Sox. Tough decision.

Maybe, I should just get ready for the NBA season. It should be starting soon. Let’s go Sixers (and Bulls)!

Until the next post…