No TV For A Month – Day 15 Update

Can you believe it?  I'm just about half of the way through this thing!
After reading in one of my runner's magazines, I found out that the Olympic marathon is going to be August 23rd at 7:30PM.  I was thinking about watching it, but I later realized that I already have a previously scheduled commitment that will prevent this.  It's looking more and more probable that I will actually make it.
This morning as I was catching up on my blog reading, I was intrigued by Sean Healy's recent blog post about this very subject.  Sean (as mentioned before) is the only other person who is in on the challenge with me (as far as I know).  It is really interesting to read about the reaction he is getting to this challenge.  People are considering him quite strange at his place of work – or maybe I should say "more strange than they already thought."  Sean is a good friend, and I can resonate with most of what he says.  I have certainly received a few strange questions about why in the world I would give up the TV for a whole month.
Honestly, it has given me a chance to explain my reasons.  Here's what I typically tell people.  "First, this was a stupid decision.  Who in the world would ever pick the month of the Olympics to stop watching TV?  Second and now that I've gotten that out of the way, I needed a chance to realign my priorities.  I think the television had taken too much of a primary role in my life, and that's scary!  So far this challenge has given me more opportunities to spend time with my wife and kids – taking walks in the neighborhood or on the trail, running 5Ks, and just talking.  This challenge has also given me more opportunity to read, paint, and to focus on things that should mean more to me."
So what does this mean for me and the TV when August is over?  That's a good question.  I'm not sure yet.  I want to make sure my priorities are in the right place (although I'm sure that will always be a wrestling match).  I do agree with Sean's post that the TV provides a common ground in our culture to start conversation.  It has been more of a challenge this month to have some of those "water cooler" type conversations, because I don't know every juicy detail about how the Phillies gave up another game, how Michael Phelps broke another record, how some gymnast fell of the balance beam, or how the Eagles second team should be playing instead of the first team.  Hopefully, come September, I will be more balanced in my approach to TV.
Until the next post…