Love Works Wednesday Link Up Conclusion

Today marks the conclusion of the Wednesday series based on Love Works by Joel Manby.  Some of you maybe happy; some sad; and some just plain indifferent.  In today’s post, Bill Grandi (The Cycleguy) and I wrap up this 10 week discussion.  I hope you’ve learned something along the way and been challenged as well.  Check out Bill’s take by clicking here.

To help you recap, here are the posts from the series:

What did I learn from this series?  Ten weeks go by pretty quickly.  It has been a real pleasure to link up with Bill on a regular basis like this, and it’s been very interesting to get your input into the discussion each week through the conversation in the comments.  Bill’s posts tended to focus on leadership from a ministry perspective, and my posts leaned more towards corporate leadership.  I think it has been reaffirming to see that love based leadership can apply to various locations of leadership – the church, the office, the home, and elsewhere.  Though I had read the book before, I was reminded that you and I can make a difference when we choose to lead with love.

Now it’s your turn.  What is one thing you learned through this series?  What principle stretched you the most?  How has your leadership been transformed by Love Works?