Labor Day


Labor Day is an American holiday setup to honor the labor movement.  Oregon was the first state to have a Labor Day.  In 1894, Congress passed legislation establishing the first Monday in September as an official national holiday.

Today, most Americans celebrate Labor Day as the end of summer and the beginning o the school year.

Our family will be cleaning out our basement, enjoying a barbecue, and getting ready for the start of school tomorrow.

It’s been a fantastic summer.  Leanne and I traveled to Vermont to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  Hannah and Isaac traveled to Michigan to attend the CIY Move Conference.  Our family journeyed to Guatemala for two weeks to spend time in Santo Domingo Xenacoj.  Hannah started her college experience at Messiah College in Grantham, PA.  Isaac logged many hours of driving as he prepares to take his driver test later this fall.  We enjoyed the visit of many family members and friends as we celebrated Hannah’s high school graduation.

And now, we look forward to the fall.  Leanne starts back to teaching as a substitute teacher in area schools.  Isaac starts his junior year, and he takes the next steps in completing his Eagle Scout project.  Hannah competes in her first year of collegiate cross-country.  And I’m launching the Stretch Man Mastermind.  It should be a wonderful season for our family.

As we take the day off from our normal Monday routine today, we celebrate the summer, we look forward to the fall, and we appreciate the hard work of those who have contributed to making our lives better.

Happy Labor Day!

How are you celebrating the day?  Share your thoughts in the comments.