Ice Breaker – Blog, Blog, Blog

TGIF! It’s time for this week’s Stretched Ice Breaker. Each week I ask a question designed to help us connect as a Stretched Community. I start by answering the question and then it’s your turn. I’ll answer the ice breaker here in the post, and you can answer the question by leaving a comment.

The Question:

(1) What’s the first blog that you remember reading? (2) What blog are you reading that deserves the spotlight? (3) What’s your blog? (Please be sure to share the links, so we can all enjoy.)

My Answer:

(1) Let Me Be Frank by Frank Chiapperino ( Frank was probably the biggest influence in getting me started with this whole blogging thing.

(2) This is a tough one, because I read so many great blogs on a daily basis. One that deserves the spotlight is Deuceology by Larry “The Deuce” Carter.  Larry’s blog ( celebrated its first anniversary earlier this week.  In each post, Larry writes a post that makes you think twice about things that matter most.

(3) I guess you already know my answer to this question. Please pass this address along to your friends. Tell them to subscribe or follow on Facebook to become part of the Stretched Community. Thanks!

How’s that. I can’t wait to read your responses. Please leave your answer in the comments.