Guatemala Update – Stretching to Build Something Bigger

Two weeks ago, I shared a “big ask” on The Stretched Blog.  I challenged readers to pray for my upcoming trip to Guatemala and to consider the possibility of supporting the trip financially.  I also threw out a challenge goal of $5,000 to do something bigger through the Stretched Community.  At the time, I didn’t know the details of this “something bigger” project.  Within 6 hours of posting this “big ask“, someone stepped up to fund the trip and to meet the challenge goal.  I was blown away!

I received some comments that others might want to get involved with the Stretch project.  I’m happy to share details of this project and to share how you can contribute to doing something bigger together.  Through your generous donations, we will be building a house in Guatemala.  That’s right, if we can raise $3,000 more (for a total of $8,000), we can pay for a house.  I’m super excited about this possibility.  The house will be by our team through an organization called Casas Por Cristo.  Here’s a video to help you see what The Stretched Community will help to build.

To donate, click here to go to the fundraising page or go to the main page and click on the donate button on the right hand side.  Check back here regularly to see the progress towards this goal.  (If we happen to raise more than $8,000, we will build another house.)  Thanks!

Have you ever dreamed of doing something bigger?  What’s holding you back from pursuing this dream?