Get In The Game


On the night we arrived in Santo Domingo Xenacoj in Guatemala this summer, our family took a walk to the Central Park in the middle of the village.  There was a basketball game going on when we arrived.  We watched for a few minutes before our daughter was swept up by some young girls into a game of duck, duck, goose (in Spanish – of course).

Isaac started talking to a few of the boys who were hanging out in the park.  Within minutes, he was invited to jump into a game of soccer with boys who were about his age and two-thirds his size.  As I looked on, I was amazed at our kids ability to adapt and to join right in with whatever was happening.  Isaac’s Spanish isn’t all that advanced, but that didn’t stop him from communicating with the other boys.  He didn’t seem to be afraid.  In fact, he seemed to relish the opportunity to get into the game.

He could have sat on the side of the park (with me) and spectated as the boys kicked the ball back and forth.

Spectating is nothing like being right on the field in the game.  It’s so much better to be a part of the game.

Unfortunately, many of us are content to spectate.  We are invited onto the field, but we sit in the stands clapping our hands, cheering loudly, and waving our terrible towels.

Life isn’t meant to be a spectator sport.

Life is meant to be played on the field.

Maybe you’ve been sitting on the sidelines for too long.

It’s time for you to get in the game!

What’s holding you back?  In what area of your life do you need to move from spectator to active participant?

(NoteMy church kicked off a 4-week series this past Sunday called Not A Fan based on the book by Kyle Idleman.  I don’t know where the series is going, but I’m guessing the series will be used to get people to move from spectators to being part of the “game.”  If you live in the northwest suburbs of Philadelphia, come check out my church the next three weeks.  Click here for more information.  And if you live too far away, consider watching the weekly videos which will be featured on the website to see where this series goes.  The first week was pretty challenging (in a good way).)